PMU Indonesia Festival

The World's and Biggest Prestigious Festival in Indonesia that presents Permanent Make Up (PMU) International Masters from Various Countries in the World which will be held on 24th - 26th August 2024 in Jakarta - Indonesia.

The PMU Indonesia Festival will be held for 3 days, Where the whole PMU Masters will be present to share their knowledge and live demonstration.
The PMU Indonesia Festival gives you a number of exclusive and interesting opportunities, including :

  • Learning the newest techniques and methods
  • Extending insight and networking with all world Professional Permanent Make Up Artist
  • Increasing brand image as a Professional Permanent Make Up Artist
  • Getting opportunity to be a winner of world class permanent make up competitions
  • Getting wider business opportunities and greater success
  • And so much more

PMU Indonesia Festival is open for all of the beginner permanent make up artist to professional permanent make up artist.

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